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1  System  Overview

1.1 Outline

Master by remote communication channel (public network channel),which is centralized reading electric energy data and related consumption information of multiple meters,and can implement network meter reading and remote sale of electricity of power management value-added services. This system consists of users meter, Tai area appraisal summary table, collection terminals, local communication channel, concentrator, remote communication channel and master station equipment etc.

1.2 Feature

1.2.1  Completely self-organizing network, automatically optimize routing, automatic discovery and delete nodes.
1.2.2  Robust net-shaped (MESH) structure, stable performance, high reliability.

1.2.3  Plug-and-Play,automatically complete the process of networking,setup parameters without manual on the site.
1.2.4 Fast organize network andread meter,high success rate of reading meter at the first time.

1.2.5 The system fully consider the security , prevent unauthorized users from invading and leakage

of confidential information,take six security control of collection terminals,communications, operating

systems, databases, applications, data transfer etc.
1.2.6  System adopts to reliable hardware devices, effective network security, multiple means of data

backup, provides a variety of dual redundant&network means to ensure the system safe and reliable.

2  System Structure
System is basically divided into data collection layer, data communication layer, the master monitor layer, application layer according to its function, the basic function of each layer is as follows:
3   System Description

3.1 Data acquisition layer ( layer I)

Main Device Type: concentrator, collection terminal, energy meter.

3.2 Data communication layer (layer II)

Data communication layer is communication link which linkage concentrator with the main  station , concentrator and  automatic sell motor,concentrator and collector, collector and energy meter.

3.3 Master control layer (layer III)

Master control layer includes front communications equipment, database servers, monitor servers, network devices.

3.3.1 Front-end device communication:

It is the key equipment of communications networking, it can compatible with a variety of communication,which is responsible for data transmission, reception and interpretation of the agreement ;support a variety of communication: GSM, short messaging, GPRS data services, cable telephone MODEM, RS232, Ethernet TCP / IP and so on.
3.3.2 Database server:

The database server is the storage center of system data ,which save system parameters, monitor data, real-time &historical data, and provide MIS, electricity marketing, distribution automation, SCADA of other related application system data exchange platform.

3.3.3 、Monitor Server:

Monitor Server is system data collection and monitor center, which is responsible for monitoring

terminal parameter settings and management, data collection, monitoring terminals, storage object

parameters, basic data management and analysis, system monitoring (terminals, communications,

server performance monitoring.
3.3.4Network Equipment:

Network equipment provides communications platforms for management system and  each master

stations server . It has VLAN function and improve reliability of master system.