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Electrical Smart Water Meter RS485 , 1/2" to 1 Water Meter With Remote Reader

※  ISO 4064 Class B* Made of PPO or brass
※  LCD and Dry-Dial display
※  Horizontal installation
※  Made of PPO which is up to the mustard of drinking water .
※  Due to easily being operated by touch less card, this meter is all-sealed and good at water proof.
※  Safely data save, 10 years data save after power off .
※  Periodic open/close valve to prevent valve from rust buildup .
※  Battery can be used for 6 years due to low consumption design .
※  Automatic close valve when being effected by strong magnet .
※  Batter is easy to be replaced .
※  Patented ball valve which has high-temperature resistance, costs low consumption and causes low pressure loss .
※  One or Several Mifare card prepaid meter for one family,one card for several meters siavaliable,includingcold,hot and purified water meter,electricity meter and gas meter .
Installation size