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Hexcell Prepaid Water Meters , Wet Dial Remote Water Flow Meter Transmit Distance ≥ 2000m

This water meter can be used for family or apartment to measure the water consumed. It is stable and energy-saving, can be used for a long time. The AMR system is new LONG DISTANCE CONTROL SYSTEM (LDCS) of water charge and management system for water companies. This system consists of water meter, collector, GPRS concentrator and Teminal Processor (TP). By using Zig-Bee communication and GPRS to make the water charge management automatic and intelligent.
※  The signal uses three-wire out put, operating distance≤ 120m .
※  With alarming in case of breakage .
※  Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial kept free from fog and keeps the reading clear in a        long-termservice .
※  Keeping the functions of measuring and reading .
※  Mounting dimension identical with that for ordinary water meter .
※  Remote water meter Display .
※  Microcomputer digital circuitry design is used, thus stable and reliable in operation .
※  Low electricity cost maintenance free in operation .
※  Simple in construction, easy in fixing .
※  Easy management in water fees collection .
※  Outdoor display can be fixed in water meter for each family (First floor stair well) .