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The mangos on both sides of the street are ripe

  Speaking of shenzhen may give people the impression of fast pace, high efficiency and dream-seekers, or yes, shenzhen is such a city. In summer, the feeling is stronger. Visible in the morning, walk on the way to work, as are those in a hurry, hurry, an office worker, right hand haven't eat steamed stuffed bun, left hand holding the hot soya-bean milk, from time to time at two eyes beating right wrist watch, look after the involuntary sped up the pace, trotted two-step, the mouth of the steamed stuffed bun swallowed unfinished, another sip and then over the mouth, mouth stuffed with steamed stuffed bun drum sac like a crayon small new face, very cute. These urban professionals represent shenzhen. 

  The second impression of shenzhen is that there is no excessive autumn and winter in the four seasons in shenzhen. Work is my first time to shenzhen in December 2016 to shenzhen, I just came out from home, naive thought motherland anywhere in December should be living a thick cotton-padded jacket, but I was wrong, really not such a place in shenzhen, shenzhen street someone wear short-sleeved in December, and it makes me a man who wear coats business face, I would like a mentally disabled to walk in such a strange streets, don't know I had no courage to continue to wear down jacket walking in the street, maybe is a kind of "abandon" feeling. So, at least for girls is easy, because you don't have to take the time to think other seasons you what to wear clothes or to buy what style, also save a lot of effort to save money, very good.

 The third impression is that they are very interested in eating food. In shenzhen in the summer, no matter which street area in which you go, you will be streets lush mango trees, lush branches hanging large mango, instantly feel the summer is hot, but it is not bad, it's totally see it prompted the fruit mature credit. The temptation for passers-by to stop and admire mangoes hanging from trees is so great that they even want to keep them for themselves. Shenzhen is not only have this kind of green mountain, also everywhere litchi trees, by this time red lychee are waiting in the tree like they take them home, although it is eaten and be happy. All kinds of fruits are well nourished in the summer and well prepared for maturity. Maybe that's why summer can be a time of love and hate.