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HEXCELL team building activities

May in Shenzhen has been able to feel the warm greetings from the summer, this time, most office workers will not choose to go out activities, but the HEXCELL's friends are not the same, HEXCELL's friends are The youthful and energetic group of young people, the hot weather can drive our enthusiasm. So, May! HEXCELL people are coming. Are you ready? ?

The total duration of team building activities is one day. On this day we experienced the fun and significance of team games. HEXCELL’s superb cooking skills and interesting barbecues. The time of the day was divided into three periods and the corresponding group activities were arranged. Although the weather was hot, it was fun. At noon picnic time, everyone took turns to contribute to their own guardianship skills and competed for cooking delicious food for their teammates. The process was twisted and the results were very satisfying.
The biggest highlight of this issue was the BBQ in the afternoon. The team members sat around the oven, roasted their favorite food in their hands and listened to various stories told by their predecessors. The atmosphere is the most pleasant. The so-called cheerful time is always short. The two-hour barbecue story will end earlier than expected. The bbq pods are coming to an end after everyone's. His face continued to show a hint of tiredness. All the buses on the return journey are slow, and Yu Hui shines through the window glass on everyone's side, and the moment of time seems so gentle.

Well, the Sino-Vietnamese team-building event was introduced here. Through this event, I learned that HEXCELL is not only powerful, but also very dynamic! Whether it is to join HEXCELL or cooperate with HEXCELL, it is a very good decision!