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In The Information Time

  In the Internet era, the information is more circulated, people can be dispersed in the home office, the large business circle will not exist, direct selling will replace the distribution, people can play the advantage to cooperate with each other, the big data will be better to see the consumer, and the consumer will be more convenient to understand the product. At the end of the 1950s, the emergence and popularization of computers gradually increased the influence of information on the whole society to an absolutely important position. The amount of information, the speed of information dissemination, the speed of information processing, and the degree of application information were increasing by the formula of geometric progression. It is a new stage produced by the development of human society to a certain stage. Information is based on advanced technology such as computer technology, digital technology and biological engineering technology. Information enables mankind to obtain and transmit all the civilized achievements created by human in a faster and more convenient way; it will be provided to human beings. Regular and effective means of communication can promote close exchanges and dialogues among people around the world, enhance mutual understanding and benefit the common prosperity of mankind.

Information is different from industrialization. Information is not about the conversion process of material and energy, but on the process of conversion of time and space. In this new stage of information, all areas of human existence are based on information acquisition, processing, transmission and distribution in politics, commerce and even personal life. In an era of rapid development of information, people's lives have gradually switched from physical stores to networking.

  Information is the transformation of the new stage of creating value from the society of tangible material products to the intangible information, that is, the transition from material production and material consumption to the stage of spiritual production and spiritual consumption. It
The rise of mobile Internet is evolving into a widespread and far-reaching subversive revolution, new formats and new business models are emerging, and paper media, retail, telecommunications, finance and other industries have been hit. The innovation of mobile Internet, the emergence of new business forms and the emergence of new business models have forced the development and transformation of traditional industries into a forced mechanism. With the rise of mobile Internet and intelligent terminal, the information system will quickly enter the era of mobile Internet, actively embrace the thinking of the mobile Internet, keep up with the speed of the development of the mobile Internet era, and achieve business innovation and mobile Internet transformation is the most important in the future of information construction. How to use mobile information to conduct cross-border innovation in business or business mode will have huge imagination in the future. In the future, large data technology will be integrated with cloud computing. A large number of large data cloud platforms will appear in the market for industry applications. It will provide the government and enterprises with deep information analysis technology service oriented to mass media data, which will enable governments and enterprises to have more resources and data services to improve their information. Make use of the ability of decision making and make this technology fly into ordinary people's home.
  The Internet of things and intelligent management and control technology have been born for decades. In the next few years, the "interconnection of objects and objects" based on sensing technology and the "everyone interconnection" based on the mobile Internet and their collection
It will make the development of community, transportation, medical, education, consumption, logistics and other service platforms to a higher level, and the prospect of its development will be limitless.