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What do you think of a typical meter? Three-phase electric meter;Single-phase electric meter;What do you think of aintelligent electric meters ?

What do you think of a typical meter?

  Direct - forward single - phase meter and three - phase meter can directly use this read number minus the last read, the reduced number is the power of this stage.
Three-phase electric meter

  Three-phase electric meter, by looking at the connection of current transformer current ratios to read the power consumption of the general situation of current transformer nameplate, is XX / 5 mark, the form of electricity meter reading Numbers multiplied by the current ratio is a phase of electricity consumption, accurate plus loss and line loss.
Single-phase electric meter

  Single-phase electric meter measuring three-phase electric power, reading methods and straight into type connection meters in a similar way, just read the Numbers on the meter and 3 times for power consumption, if through transformer connection meters, to read the electricity meter number multiplied by the transformer current ratio multiplied by 3.
What do you think of aintelligent electric meters ?

  First, four numerical meters, this is four values are respectively is "tip", the "peak", "flat", "valley", the four numerical rate refers to the period of time, usually the top "tip", because "sharp" represent the highest prices, that is to say, "tip" time electricity rate is highest, lowest time electricity rate "valley".

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