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Active and reactive meters

watt-hour meter

 Electrical energy can be converted into all kinds of energy. Such as: through the electric furnace converted into heat energy, through the motor into mechanical energy, through the light to light energy. The energy consumed in these transformations is active power. And the meter that records this power is a active power meter.

Reactive power meter

  The principle of electrician tells us that some electrical devices have to establish an environment for conversion in the process of energy conversion. For example, a motor, a transformer, and so on, a magnetic field should be set up to make energy conversion, and some electrical devices are to establish an electric field before it can be converted to energy. The energy required to build magnetic fields and electric fields is reactive power. The watt hour meter, which records this kind of electric energy, is a watt hour meter. Reactive power can not consume energy in the electrical device itself, but it will produce reactive current in electrical circuit, which will produce a certain loss in the circuit. The watt hour meter is specially designed to record this wastage. Generally only large electrical units are installed.

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